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About WTO iLibrary

Every year, the World Trade Organization (WTO) publishes around 70 new titles on various trade issues. In particular the following topics are covered:
  • Agriculture and food safety
  • Anti-dumping, subsidies, safeguards
  • Development and building trade capacity
  • Dispute settlement
  • Economic research and trade policy analysis
  • Environment
  • Government procurement
  • Information technology and e-commerce
  • Intellectual property
  • Market access
  • Regional trade agreements
  • Services​
  • Technical barriers to trade​
  • Trade facilitation and customs valuation​
  • Trade finance​
  • Trade monitoring​
  • WTO accessions​

Content and Access for all

WTO iLibrary offers wide ranging research and knowledge to a variety of audiences:
  • Universities and research organisations
  • Businesses and private sector
  • Government and public administrations
  • Non-governmental organisations and think tanks
  • Libraries
  • Legal and Financial Services
Most content is available to access in PDF format for subscribers, more recent content is also offered in ePub format and HTML; and full READ access for all users by clicking the READ icon. READ editions are optimised for mobile devices and can be read online wherever there is an internet connection – desktop computer, tablets or smart phones. They are also shareable and can easily be embedded. Content items (September 2020):
  • 1 726 ebook titles
  • 12 091 chapters
  • 259 working papers
  • 3 databases