At PLANETIS, you will find publications from international organizations.
Including scientific, legal and technical works of some of the most commended researchers in the world.

What products are on sale ?
Publications and Online databases – Publications in electronic formats: subscriptions to electronic book platforms – Statistical series – Reports and studies on the economy, migration, environment, finance – Manuals and online access to products on transport dangerous goods. 

Who orders from PLANETIS?
Libraries – very large ones and many more, all over the world.
Administrations, looking for in-depth information: economy, finances, environment, migration, …
Academics, analysts, lawyers, scientists, bankers, Heads of States or of companies.

Why do they order from PLANETIS?
The competent service in many languages, fair prices, reasonable deadlines, a dedicated team at work are appreciated.

What PLANETIS can do for its clients:
Standing orders service
Subscription service
Monitoring of thematic areas, announcements of future publications