Transport of Dangerous Goods Regulations 2021
Road – Train – Air – Sea / Inland waterways

ADR 2021 Agreement Concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road

The ADR international agreement regulates the traffic of dangerous goods in all of Europe and several countries in the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

The Agreement is an important trade facilitation tool. ADR strong impact is that it clearly specifies how dangerous goods can be authorized for transport. Outside applying ADR, tranports are simply not authorized.

The new 2021 edition contains new or revised provisions, e.g.
– the transport of electrical storage systems (incl. lithium batteries installed in goods units and defective batteries)
– medical waste and radioactive materials
– medical gases (medical oxygen) demand due to COVID 19
– infectious, hazardous or radioactive substances

Book: CHF 239.- 2 volumes, 1500 pages.
also available in French and German

ADR 2021 – Electronic version

The electronic version is carried on a Flash Drive and contains:
– on PDF the equivalent of the complete ADR manual
– on WORD files, texts and tables
– on EXCEL files the tables of the regulations, items listings, footnotes and references

ADR Flash drive: CHF 239.-

RID 2021 – Regulations Concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Rail

OTIF official regulations. Applies in Europe, the Maghreb and the Middle East. The manual contains the regulations under which international transport of dangerous goods can be authorized, including exemptions regarding procedures, use, methods and transport. In addition to the many amendments and updates, many new provisions in 2021.


RID book 2021, 2 volumes, CHF 190.-
With PDF version on Flash Drive or by mail

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For easy handling and looking up of pages.

Price per set: CHF 15.-


Air transport 


The DGR draws from the industry’s most trustworthy cargo sources to help you classify, pack, mark, label, and document shipments of dangerous goods. Iincludes international dangerous goods air regulations and state and airline requirements. All the information needed to ship safely and in compliance in one resource.

62nd edition, 2021
English CHF 379.-
Spiral binding CHF 385.-
German, French, Spanish editions: CHF 385.-

Electronic access versions:

Online access for Windows, Mobile Phone or Multi-user. This provides access to all the texts with search options, access to the digitalized forms and several functionalities.

French CHF 369.-
English CHF 340.-
Spanish CHF 369.-
German CHF 369.-

Mobile phone

English 340 CHF.-
French 369 CHF.-
Spanish CHF 369.-
German CHF 350.-

OACI: Instructions techniques 2021
Édition de 2021-2022 – Edition officielle OACI
La source juridique de règlements pour la sécurité du transport aérien des marchandises dangereuses.

Livre ou PDF, en anglais, français, espagnol, russe et chinois CHF 279.-
Supplément: complète les dispositions des Instructions techniques. 
Actuellement disponible en anglais seulement CHF 240.-

Éléments indicatifs sur les interventions d’urgence en cas d’incidents d’aviation concernant des marchandises dangereuses 2021-2022

Officiel OACI. Les procédures et les règles à suivre dans les cas d’incidents impliquant des marchandises dangereuses à bord des aéronefs, CHF 140.- Livre ou PDF

Transports maritimes

Code IMDG Edition 2018
Parue 2019, Edition officielle IMO, CHF 198.-

Supplément technique: CHF 119.-
Versions en ligne – anglais seulement: Abonnement annuel, monoposte, Windows, CHF 350.-
Version eReader (logiciel fourni) CHF 198.-

ADN Accord Européen

Navigation fluviale
– Livre CHF 219.-
– En version pdf CHF 99.-
– Version Livre + pdf 280.-
Français, anglais et russe également disponibles.