European judicial systems – CEPEJ Evaluation Report (2020 Evaluation cycle (2018 data)) – Part 1: Tables, graphs and analyses (2020)

Accessing the information needed to understand, analyse and reform judicial systems is the aim of this report.

This latest edition of the report by the European Commission for the Efficiency of Justice (CEPEJ), which evaluates the functioning of judicial systems of 45 Council of Europe member states as well as three observer states to the CEPEJ, Israel, Morocco and for the first time Kazakhstan, continues the process carried out since 2002, focusing the content of the report on the analysis of European trends.

In addition, the CEPEJ has also developed, for the first time, country profiles which present in a synthetic way the main data and indicators developed by the CEPEJ for each participating state.

All the quantitative and qualitative data collected from the CEPEJ national correspondents as well as the accompanying comments are also available on the CEPEJ-STAT dynamic database (https://www.coe.int/en/web/cepej/dynamicdatabase-of-european-judicial-systems ).

Relying on a methodology which is already a reference for collecting and processing large number of quantitative and qualitative judicial data, this unique study has been conceived above all as a tool for public policy aimed at improving the efficiency and quality of justice. The objective of the CEPEJ in preparing this report is to enable policy makers, justice practitioners, researchers as well as those who are interested in the functioning of justice in Europe and beyond, to have access to the information needed to be able to understand, analyse and reform.

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