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Culinary Cultures of Europe – Identity, Diversity and Dialogue

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There is nothing trivial about food: the study of culinary culture and its history provides an insight into broad social, political and economic changes in society. The present collection of essays reflects many of the important transitions through which 40 European countries have passed, and in this sense, it is a history book. It is also a colourful celebration of an enormously rich part of our cultural heritage.The tastes and smells of a country¹s traditional table are a meaningful route to an important part of its collective memory, accessible to everyone. Food is also one of the simplest and most direct ways to promote multicultural understanding.This book offers an excellent insight into the meaning of food culture and will be of interest to anyone who wishes to explore the diversity of our European cultural heritage.”We have ever identified our neighbours and friends by their culinary customs: here, in one book, is a groundbreaking study, bringing to one table the infinity of dishes that make Europe today.” – TOM JAINE, Publisher, Petits propos culinaires, Prospect Books.

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