The Faro Convention at work in Europe: Selected examples

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Preserving the cultural heritage by mobilising citizens when implementing public action

The Council of Europe Framework Convention on the Value of Cultural Heritage for Society (the Faro Convention) proposes acting with and for society. It encourages reflection on the role of citizens in the process of defining, deciding and managing the cultural environment in which they live, by asking the following question: for what and for whom should cultural heritage be enhanced? It is one of the ways through which the Council of Europe helps its member states face societal challenges, individually or collectively. The Faro Convention provides solutions for preserving the cultural heritage, by proposing itself as a resource for mobilising citizens when implementing public action.

Civil society initiatives that draw on the Faro principles and their capacity to propose practical solutions to community participation issues play an essential role in addressing today’s complex socio-economic problems. This publication seeks to highlight several cultural heritage initiatives from groups of practitioners and facilitators of heritage-led and people-centered activities, which add value to their local heritage in line with the principles and criteria of the Faro Convention.

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