History of humanity, v. I: Prehistory and the beginnings of civilization

The History of Humanity is a major publishing project of the International Commission for the New Edition of the History of the Scientific and Cultural Development of Humanity. It is the result of fifteen years of work. It presents scientific and cultural achievements in the light of new facts and methods of historlographical investigation.
This major undertaking required the establishment of a 31 member international commission and the cooperation of some 450 distinguished specialists in a great number of disciplines, form all over the world.
A truly interdisciplinary work
The History of Humanity sheds new light on many hitherto unknown features of our common past. Building up to seven volumes, this work makes an invaluable contribution to the understanding of humankind’s cultural and scientific development throughout the ages. The complete work will provide readers with a comprehensive history of the world and diverse cultures accross different periods of time.
Special features
Each volume treats a particular theme from a global point of view. Each part contains detailed studies covering all areas of the world and deals with a particular period of time. An exhaustive index and cross-references make the volumes user-friendly; detailed bibliographies at the end of each chapter hint to sources for further study.
The first volume
Starting from the origins of humankind to the first societies 5,000 years ago, the events, chronologically charted, present a comprehensive picture of how civilization emerged and developed over this period. Particular attention is given to archeological aspects, as well as reference from other disciplines, especially history and anthropology.

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