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World Development Report 2015

World Development Report 2015

World Bank
CHF  48.00

Mind and Society: How a Better Understanding of Human Behavior Can Improve Development Policy

  • ISBN: 9781464803420
  • Publisher: World Bank
  • Release Date: 2015
  • Pages: 320

This year's World Development Report argues that a more realistic account of decision-making and behavior will make development policy more effective. The Report applies insights from modern behavioral and social sciences to development policies for addressing poverty, finance, productivity, health, children, and climate change. It demonstrates that new policy ideas based on a richer view of decision-making can yield high economic returns. These new policy targets include: the choice architecture (for example, the default option) the scope for social rewards frames that influence whether or not a norm is activated information in the form of rules of thumb opportunities for experiences that change mental models or social norms. Finally, the Report shows that small changes in context have large effects on behavior. As a result, discovering which interventions are most effective, and with which contexts and populations, inherently requires an experimental approach. Rigor is needed for testing the processes for delivering interventions, not just the products that are delivered.


Verlag World Bank
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