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UN iLibrary 


UN iLibrary is good for you ! It offers an incredibly wide ranging research and knowledge. The United Nations iLibrary is the first comprehensive global search, discovery, and viewing source for digital content created by the United Nations

  • single digital destination for accessing publications, journals, data, and series published by the  UN, UNEP, UNDP and other programmes
  • flexibility, speed,  intuitive navigation, integrated search results, granular content, citation tool, DOI identification, and multilingual content.
  • 500 new titles every year.   At the end of 2016 there will be over 3000 titles .  February 2016 : 782 ebook titles, 11 960 chapters. 170 series.  Languages: 70%  English;  approx. 15% French, others: Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Chinese
  • 20 main subjects
  • Access by series title, publication year and alphabetically, chapters,  articles,  in different formats – PDF and READ – 
  • reading on a mobile device, sharing  via social networks or integrating content in a report. 
  • United Nations iLibrary offers wide ranging research and knowledge to a variety of audiences:   Approximately 70% of which are in English and cover the following topics:
  • Annual subscription details:  or click here for more details.
  • Technical details, click here  

Search, read, copy, use, include in your reports and studies. Access MILLIONS of data elements.

The UN iLibrary is good for universities and research organisations, good for banks, industrialists, R&D, Government and public administrations. 
Adds tremendous value to any higher education library.

All content is PDF format and full read access, optimised for browser-enabled mobile devices , desktop computer, tablets or smart phones. 
As of September 2016 it contains 1 410 ebook titles - 24 510 chapters - 960 articles - 247 series
and growing by the day.

Price: annual US$ 11,990
Special conditions may apply depending on duration, type of commitment. Special discounts available for combined electronic & print subscriptions. First year discount available. 
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